FEA - Finite Elemente Analysis to Go

Get it now! Released in Google-Playstore!

Go Mobile!

We are very excited about the upcoming release of our brand new Finite Element Analysis app for Android devices! Z88Mobile is based on the proven kernel of Z88Aurora, which is also free for Windows, OSX and Linux. Check it out here!

As far as we know, Z88Mobile is the first FEA app in the world supporting continuum elements.

Get Started!

By introducing the two modes system (Basic & Advanced) Z88Mobile offers an easy way for beginners to get started but still retains the full range of options that experienced FEA users desire. The integrated offline documentation will guide you step by step through the process of creating 2D beam structures employing the full touch support.

You will find that learning Z88Mobile is a piece of cake, see here. Your could start with loading one of our examples.

Gain Experience!

Dive into the advanced mode to explore the full range of possibilities. Customize the Finite Elements to suit your needs.

Discover FEA, discover Z88.